For the 2020-21 year, the WMS Building Leadership Team will include 2 parent/guardian positions, with 1 appointed by the PTSA and 1 appointed by the WMS administration.

The following is a general job description for parent/guardian representatives.


Provide input, feedback, and guidance as the BLT drafts, revises, shapes, and directs the following:

  • Decision-Making Matrix (Who makes what decisions at WMS)
  • Staff Professional Development (Areas of focus for WMS staff to learn and grow in)
  • Continuous School Improvement Plan (Goal setting and strategies to reach these goals concerning academic achievement and school climate)
  • Discretionary Budget (Use of discretionary funds…positions, stipends, supplies, etc.)


Membership on BLT entails working with other members of the BLT (WMS staff reps, Principal, parent/guardian reps, community partner reps).

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, though frequency of meetings may vary depending on time sensitive needs of the work to be done by the BLT.

Parent/Guardian members also solicit feedback and input from other parents/guardians to bring to BLT.

HOW TO APPLY for the PTSA-appointed position

Please send an email with your name and phone number to by October 31, 2020. PTSA will set up a one-on-one conversation to explain the position, answer your questions and collect information about your connection to WMS. We are hoping for a wide pool of candidates and no experience is necessary. We encourage anyone interested to reach out.