Congratulations to 6th-grader Mareike E. and 7th-grader Brandon T. for representing Washington Middle School in the Seattle Council PTSA’s city-wide round of the National PTA 2020-21 Reflections Art Competition. The work was required to reflect the theme of “I matter because…”

  • Visit the literature gallery to read Mareike’s poem, “The Voice,” and Brandon’s poem, “I matter because.”

A virtual celebration of Seattle entrants will be held Dec. 13. Some entries will be selected for a statewide round, and a few will advanced to the national level.

Original work could be entered in any of six categories: visual art (2D or 3D), photography, literature, music composition, film/video production, and dance choreography! A “special artist” category is available to students who qualify under ADA regulations.

Marieke's artwork shows two apparently female figures holding hands, with the inscription, "Different but the same, A hero on my own, I MATTER"
“I Matter” by Mareike E.
(Click image to enlarge it.)

More information about the program is on the WA State PTA’s Reflections info page