Cookie Decorating Fest lettering

UPDATE: Ten “Judges’ Favorites” and 10 “Honorable Mention” awards have been picked in the first-ever WMS Cookie Decorating Fest. Students who created the “Judges’ Favorites” will receive $25 gift cards from the PTSA. Take a look at all entries!


Ready to try some (snicker)doodling in the PTSA’s first-ever WMS Cookie Decorating Contest?

Round up your (chocolate) chips and other edible items of decor, and create abstract designs, funny faces, sports action scenes, whatever …. on cookies of any type or size. Then, snap a photo or two to share before you let anyone take a bite.

  • Win prizes such as GameStop and Amazon gift cards
  • Entries will be displayed online at; we’ll email the winners
  • Still to be announced: wacky categories so that even the art-challenged can go nuts


  • Cookies can be store-bought or home-made
  • Decorations must be the original creation of a WMS student
  • Don’t be a crumb: No bad language or other inappropriate stuff
  • Deadline extended: Entries must be sent to PTSA by midnight on Mon., Dec. 21.

Send your photos to the PTSA at

Thanks to Gayatri Armes for our graphics and flier!