Sixth-graders are getting ready for Virtual STEM Expo Industry Day 9-10 am on Wednesday, March 10, as part of their progress toward STEM Expo later this year. WMS is seeking STEM professionals to participate as volunteers! (See below.)

What is STEM Expo Industry Day?

Volunteers from various organizations will interact with students and discuss their STEM-related careers. Professionals share information about their careers, answer student questions, and facilitate problem ideation with a small group of students. Students use the ideas they gather from these conversations to solidify the community problem they hope to solve during our STEM Expo process. All of this is virtual.

What is STEM Expo?

STEM Expo, on June 16 this year, is an annual celebration of learning that showcases individual and group projects focused on STEM topics that seek to find viable solutions to authentic community issues and problems. STEM Expo will involve the 6th grade in 2020-21, and expand to the entire school in the future.

Volunteers needed

We are looking for STEM professionals to volunteer. Sign up here.