HOST/Washington Middle School Community Learning Center Coordinator Won Choi is excited to present Career Labs, a career readiness training opportunity for 12 Junior Huskies transitioning into high school.

Participants will be eligible for a stipend of up to $299 after fully completing this program, which will be run online 1:15-3:15 pm, Mondays and Wednesdays, July 7-30. (Registration required – see link at end of this post.)

This training leverages Year Up’s proven record of, and expertise in training Opportunity Talent to excel in professional roles. Through highly engaging group activities and work simulations, Career Labs helps participants build a supportive cohort and learning community, and addresses skills gaps that often prevent success in the workplace.

The curriculum is a blend of multi-modal instruction including live interactives, short content bursts, polls, whole-group discussions, breakout groups, self-assessments, readings, videos, and reflections. These are all anchored in Year Up’s core methodology, which is designed to engage learners at any level and any age so that they can reach the following goals:

  • Build professional skills that can be directly applied to their careers
  • Increase confidence to pursue and meet professional and personal goals
  • Develop a powerful learning mindset, which will help them learn and grow in any setting

This will ONLY be for departing 8th grade Junior Huskies. There will only be 12 spots for this program. So register soon!

After completion students will be eligible to receive a stipend up to $299. Students must attend all the training sessions and complete any necessary work. Some students have asked me “Why can’t we get paid to learn?” Well now they can!

For registration and more info, please click HERE!

Questions? Contact Won Choi at 206-849-9203 or