The PTSA offers two types of cash grants to WMS teachers and staff!

You may also be interested in asking the PTSA to help recruit volunteers or to promote a DonorsChoose project … but this page explains PTSA grants.

Classroom Grants

A $300 Classroom Grant is available to EACH classroom teacher to enrich the educational experience of students at our school. We ask you to make purchases up front, and then submit receipts and a simple form for reimbursement to the PTSA Treasurer. The $300 limit is strictly enforced. (See below for more reimbursement information.)

Teachers have a broad range of discretion in how to use their own classroom grants for the benefit of their students. Examples of the ways classroom grants have been used: ​supplies, books, magazine subscriptions, snacks and incentives.

Opportunity Grants

Opportunity Grants help staff (and families) carry out unique projects to enhance student learning, parent engagement or community-building. Applications are reviewed by the PTSA on a case-by-case basis.

The Opportunity Grant Fund was established to support valuable initiatives that can’t be implemented with classroom grants, and also provide specialists, counselors, instructional assistants and others with access to funds. Wherever possible, these Grants should touch the broadest range of students in the building, across all education programs.

Examples of past Opportunity Grants: baking equipment for Math Empowerment class to be used yearly, science assemblies for all students, and atlases and maps.

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–> Ready to apply? The Forms page has the application.

How do I get reimbursed?

Go to the Forms page to fill out a PTSA Reimbursement Form. You will need to scan (or photograph) receipts and email them to our Treasurer.

What should I know before applying for an Opportunity Grant?

  • The grant money must be used to enrich the educational experience of students at WMS.
  • Grant applications are to be made by WMS teachers or staff, individually or collaboratively.  Initiatives impacting classroom time and school resources require the support of the classroom teacher and Principal. Parents with a grant idea may team with a teacher or staff member to apply. Teachers/staff members may team together to apply for a grant.
  • While teachers/staff members may apply for more than one grant over the course of the academic year, preference will be given to teachers who have not been awarded a grant.
  • Priority will also be given to grant applications that address a need that is not already being met by existing District, school or PTSA funds.
  • There is no specific deadline for the grant application. Grant applications will be considered throughout the year, provided funds remain in the grant budget.

What IS THE process FOR APPROVAL OF AN Opportunity Grant?

Completed applications should be submitted to the PTSA Opportunity Grants Chair (contact information found on the contacts page​) who may ask clarifying questions.

For applications under $500,​​ approval will normally be determined within 1 week of submission by the Opportunity Grants Committee.

For applications $500 or more,​​ the Opportunity Grants Chair will forward the grant to all PTSA Board members. Board members will advise the Chair whether they approve or not, and may ask follow-up questions. If further discussion is needed, the application will be presented at next PTSA Board meeting for determination.