The WMS Shop (the name may change) is a place where students can “shop” for new and gently-used clothing, shoes, and accessories in a dignified way. Rather than simply provide clothing to a child without regard to their own personal style, students are invited to come in and “shop” the merchandise (everything is free).

Currently WMS has a dedicated room to host the store, complete with a changing room.  There are racks and shelves filled with seasonal wear.  The shop also has a “Team Store” section reflecting Seattle’s fabulous sports teams, and favorite college teams from around the country.

Just a few offerings from
The Team Shop

Donations of new, gently used and laundered clothing, shoes and accessories are welcome.  Currently we have a large inventory and do not have space to accept unsolicited donations.  If you are interested in donating, please contact Caryn Gold:

Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to: merchandising, sorting and organizing of donations, decorating/creating or assisting with poster design to embellish the shop, and assisting when the shop is open. Please feel free to contact Caryn Gold at the email address above if you are interested in helping out with this effort!