The Washington Middle School PTSA is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization. We currently have a small number of people volunteering, as we lost a lot of active members due to graduating students last year. Please contact us (see the “About the PTSA” link for contact options) if you are willing to be involved in any way (officer, committee chair, occasional committee volunteer). Also: the WMS Families Facebook page (Washington Middle School Families Group) is a great way to stay in touch. Even if you are not interested in PTSA leadership/volunteering, please join the PTSA (it is free!) and follow the Facebook page for timely information on WMS news and events.

This is the website of the PTSA (also known as the PTA). The official website of Washington Middle School for Seattle Public Schools is

What we do:

  • Keep families connected. We host community events. We share news in Purple Press emails, texts, the WMS app, and the PTSA website. We reach out in multiple languages.
  • Support our teachers. We provide grants to each teacher, and fund departmental needs. We make “Opportunity Grants” available for larger projects, special events and more.
  • Support student learning.  We fund enrichment activities, during the day and after school.
  • Promote advocacy and equity. We educate our community about issues such as K-12 funding and Seattle District policies. We help provide equity in education opportunities and seek to be an actively anti-racism organization.

Read the latest news:

PTSA’s next Community Meeting — 6pm, Tuesday March 21, 2023

If you would like a translator, please let us know your preferred language so we can make arrangements to have one present. The earlier we know of your translation desires, the more likely we will be able to arrange a translator. Join us Tuesday March 21, 2023 for a Community Meeting sponsored by the PTSA!…

PTSA’s Community Meeting — 6pm, Wednesday November 9, 2022

Wednesday November 9, 2022 was a Community Meeting sponsored by the PTSA! Community Meetings will be 6-8 pm. All are welcome! This meeting will occur in person at Washington Middle School in the library. Let’s get to know each other, learn together, and talk about what we can do to support all of our students.…