Art supplies needed!

Art Teacher Stephanie Jungblom's amazing classes help more than 300 WMS students each year learn new skills and techniques! The students create amazing drawings, paintings, ceramic sculptures and multimedia designs. Supplies are funded in part by a $5,000 grant from the PTSA (through parent and other donations), but this money has run out. Can you … Continue reading Art supplies needed!

Lobby legislators at neighborhood town halls

Advocacy for education funding can be more than post cards to your legislators! Meet Democratic Senators and Representatives in person this month: District 43March 16 at 10 am with House speaker Chopp, Sen. Pedersen, and Rep. Macri.Seattle First Baptist Church, 1111 Harvard Ave, Seattle 98122 District 37March 23 at 10 am with Sen. Saldaña and Reps. Pettigrew … Continue reading Lobby legislators at neighborhood town halls

Small group ‘listening sessions’ announced

Principal Emily Butler Ginolfi and the WMS Administration have announced a series of Listening Sessions for families in March through May.  The meetings will be limited to 10-15 participants and school leadership in order to have the best environment for sharing.  Each meeting will last one hour. See dates and availability. 

Bill: Test all students for advanced learning eligibility

A bill introduced in the State Senate could significantly revise the way school districts use funds earmarked for Highly Capable Services, the legally required programs provided for students identified as "gifted" or specially talented. Especially notable is in the bill is a mandate that every student be screened for HC eligibility by Grade 6. Senate … Continue reading Bill: Test all students for advanced learning eligibility